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The Janesville Union Elementary School invites parents, staff members, students and other community stakeholders to review and comment on the Local Control and Accountability Plan and Annual Update.  Should you have a question or would like to make a written comment, please contact Ed Brown, Superintendent/Principal at 530-253-3660 or ebrown@janesvilleschool.org  

SB1375:   Title IX Coordinator- Mr. Ed Brown (530) 253-3660   ebrown@janesvilleschool.org

LCAP  2016-17 Dashboard 12-16

LCAP October 2016  Dashboard

Notice of Public Hearing JTA  10-18-2016

LCAP Annual Update Template 2016-2017

Notice to the Public- Textbooks 9-20-16

Notice to the Public 6-8-16

Notice of Public Hearing- Adoption of English-Language Arts Curricula June 21, 2016

Student Athletics SB 1349 2015-2016

Certificated Salary Schedule

Classified Salary Schedule

USDA FNS Civil Rights statements:

FNS Nondiscrimination Statement (44.94 KB)
FNS Nondiscrimination Statement (Spanish) (43.5 KB)

Education Protection Account:

2015-2016 Unaudited Actuals

2016-2017 Budget

EPA 2017


LCAP Agenda 5-11-17

California School Dashboard Guide

School Site Agenda 5-11-17

School Site Agenda 4-6-17

LCAP Minutes 1-12-17

LCAP Handouts 2-23-17

School Site Agenda 3-9-17

LCAP Agenda 3-9-17

School Site Agenda 2-15-17
     Strategic Plan 16-20
LCAP Minutes 1-12-17

LCAP Agenda 2-23-17 Rescheduled from 2-9-17

School Site Agenda 2-9-17 

School Site Agenda 1-12-2017

LCAP Meeting Handouts 1-12-17

LCAP Minutes 12-7-17

LCAP Minutes 10-15-16

School Site Agenda 12-7-16

LCAP Agenda 12-7-16

School Site Agenda 10-11-10-16

School Site Agenda 10-13-2016

LCAP Agenda 10-13-16

School Site Agenda June 6, 2016

LCAP Agenda June 6, 2016



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