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 3rd & 4th Grade- Mrs. Downs



Throughout the year I will try to post pictures and videos to share with our families!  All photos and videos are located at the bottom of our page.  Note:  If you did not sign a permission slip for your child to be photographed, there will be no photos of your student.



Please read the NO MORE HOMEWORK letter that was sent home to parents regarding the change in my homework policy.

Also, here are the READING CONTRACT and the MATH FACT PRACTICE CONTRACT that go home weekly. Should the student miss place their form, please print it out from this site. (color of paper does not matter) 

READING CONTRACTS: Students are expected to read for 20+ minutes per day for 5 days (your choice of days) for a total of 100+ minutes per week. Reading Contracts go home on Tuesday and must be brought back the following Tuesday completed and signed by both the student AND a parent.

MATH FACTS PRACTICE CONTRACTS: Math Contracts are sent home the same time as Reading Contracts; home on Tuesdays and back to class on Tuesdays.  Students should practice the math facts THEY are working on, as students are at different levels in their memorization skills of the multiplication tables. Students should practice their facts DAILY for a minimum of 5-10 minutes (obviously more is always better, but don't let them get frustrated with it)  Flash cards for our "Kickin' It" math went home the second week of school. If your student does not have theirs, please have them ask me for another set.


WORK EXPECTATIONS:  Students are expected to stay current on their work. Students that do not turn in their assignments are expected to complete it the following day, or a date discussed with the student. Students that continually do not turn in their homework, or their assignments may lose recess time. This builds responsibility as well as showing there are consequences to their choice of not doing their work. Please help to reinforce good study habits now, before they get too much older! Doing a little bit of homework each night is much easier than trying to get a week's worth of homework done in one day.


 BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS:  On the actual day of their birthday, they will have a celebratory flourish on their desk, we sing happy birthday to them in the morning and I give each birthday child a special birthday "gift". Then, to minimize disruptions to student learning....IF the child and parents wish to bring in treats(though not required), this part of their birthday celebration will be celebrated on the Friday of the week in which the birthday falls. (ex: Branden's birthday falls on Tuesday this week. Parents can bring treats for the class on that Friday afternoon)  Please let me know at least a day in advance if you wish to send/bring treats so that I can properly plan for this in our daily schedule. 

     **Due to food allergies, ALL food brought into the class for parties or snacks MUST meet the requirement of "Peanut and Nut Free" snacks.  (I will send home a list at the beginning of the year)  Also, due to the destructive nature of the red and orange dies in frosting and drinks, I kindly request NO red or orange frosting, cake, or drinks! If you have any specific questions, please see me, email me, or give me a call before or after school hours.

( FYI: As of this time, we have 27 students in our class) 



CLICK ON THE BLUE LINK TO OPEN THE PICTURE/VIDEO (Remember to turn on sound for videos)

   (This space saved for future fun photos and videos!)



"Multiplication Made Easy "- A link to a Youtube video with our math songs and tricks we've used to learn multiplication facts!

"Proud to be an American " song by Lee Greenwood. We are practicing this song to sing at the Veteran's Day assembly which will be on Thursday, Nov. 10th at 9:00am in the gym. You and the family are welcome to join us!


 Thanks for stopping by our class page! Check back again for more fun class photos and information!

 -Mrs. Downs :) 




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