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Welcome 3rd graders and Parents!

This year is going to be an exciting one! To start with, we get to experience a solar eclipse together at school! What makes it so exciting is that in 3rd grade we study the planets and the solar system, so this is super exciting!

   NEW WAY TO STAY INFORMED!  This year I will  be trying out a new (to me) software to communicate with parents as a group or individually, called "REMIND". Be patient with me as I learn the nuances of this program!  It is a FREE app for your smart phone (or you can use your email to sign up). Using this app is one way to ensure you don't miss important reminders about homework and upcoming events!

SIGN UP NOW! Download the free app from your Apple's app store or Google play, sign up for an account and enter the code 4268cd to join Mrs. Downs' Class "2017-2018 3rd grade".... OR sign up for text updates by texting to 81010 with the words "join 4268cd" to get updates from Mrs. Downs via text message... OR if you don't have a smart phone, go to: rmd.at/4268cd to receive messages via email.  (NOTE: Standard messaging rates will apply based on your service provider's contract/terms.)



        READING MENU       (Click HERE for pdf)

  This year I have replaced my Reading Contract with my newly created Reading Menu. It is just as it sounds, the student gets to choose how they would like to complete their reading activity each day AFTER they have read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. There will be 4 choices per day, none of them repeat, and it allows my students the opportunity to take control of how they learn, thereby EMPOWERING them! (win/win) Students can read books from home, our school library, or check out a book out from my personal library (for up to 2 weeks).

** Special Note for printing the Reading Menu and the Spelling Menu:

Follow these instructions if your page doesn't look correctly on the screen...

1. After clicking either the Reading or Spelling link, choose OPEN.

2. Then click VIEW at the top left part of the screen. A smaller menu will appear.

3. Choose LAYOUT and then choose PAPER LAYOUT.

The forms should now show four choices per day and be lined up. The Reading Menu is portrait view and the Spelling Menu is laid out as landscape view to help differentiate them from each other in a glance. 


        SPELLING MENU      (Click HERE for pdf and see below for Spelling & Vocabulary Word Lists)

  My Spelling Menu follows the same concept that I used in creating my Reading Menu. Students have 4 choices per day to choose from, and each of these choices uses a different learning style, so each day the student can choose how to practice their spelling words for the week.  


  Math homework will consist of review of previous concepts and review of recently taught concepts. Our text book incorporates both of these, which is the mainstay of the math homework that will come home with your student. Please understand that, just like your parents had to deal with trying to understand "new math", you as a parent will also come up against several new methods for computing math that you are not accustom to.  I ask you to let the student do the work as they are taught, and if you don't understand it to be able to help them, please contact me! I tell my students that they are doing math that their parents have not done before and may not understand. They love the idea that they are learning something that you don't know! Let them have that excitement!  Please do not have them do it "the old school way" that you were taught, I will be teaching them those methods in due time. If they don't understand it, they can check with a friend, or you may contact me, or have them come in early to talk to me before school so I can review it with them. Please understand that once class starts I do not have time to go over homework with one student.


  Most of the time I will not be sending home homework for these subjects. If I send homework on these subjects, there will be full explanation of what is expected and the due date for the assignment. 


  Any home projects will come with instructions and due date. These projects are for the families to do together to build bonds between family members as well as the opportunity to learn about each other and from each other. Help your student by letting them lead these projects. 


  Although missing school puts the student behind, it is equally important for them to get better and not to spread germs.  If a student is sick, please keep them home and call the office to advise them.  


  As a parent I understand that you have to make appointments whenever you can get in. However, as your student's teacher, I know that they need to be in class to learn the day's lesson so they don't get behind.  All I ask of you is to TRY to make the appointments after school, or at least, after our lunch break so they don't miss our core subjects. Thanks in advance for doing this :) 


I look forward to learning more about each of my students and their families! 

If you have any questions, please contact me. If its not time sensitive, email me at sdowns@janesvilleschool.org and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. If your question is time sensitive the best time to reach me is before school between 7:45-8:10am in my classroom. Contact the school office at 253-3551 and they can put you through to my classroom. If I don't answer, please leave a detailed message, including the number you'd like me to call you back at, and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Wishing you all the best,

Mrs. Downs 



      <<< RESOURCES >>> 

    3rd Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Word Lists 

Spelling & Vocabulary Lists go along with each story we cover in class and are listed below by the Unit and story number as well as the story name, or partial name. (ex: 1.1 Wolf is unit 1, story 1) 

NOTE: Links will only become active after we begin that particular story. (Most of the time that means after school on Tuesdays)

1.1 Wolf            2.1 Roadrunner        3.1 Martina         4.1 Soup                5.1 Jack          6.1 Midas

1.2 Yoon           2.2 Castle                3.2 Lincoln         4.2 Clementine      5.2 Bravo         6.2 Noah

1.3 Gary           2.3 Vote                   3.3 Earth            4.3 Mojave            5.3 Wildfires     6.3 Ellen

1.4 Elijah          2.4 Cranes               3.4 Nature          4.4 Balloons           5.4 Elizabeth    6.4 Alligators

1.5 Mt.History   2.5 Helicopters         3.5 Rails             4.5 Dog SLed         5.5 Wind          6.5 Ollie


   Videos and sites that cover different core subjects. 

  Multiplication Made Easy Video  - This YouTube video shows the students one way to remember their multiplication facts, through rhymes and songs.

  SchoolHouse Rock Video - This Math video shows many multiplication facts. (Yes, its the "old school" video from my childhood!)

  Math Is Fun - This site covers a multitude of math subjects for all levels. 

  Starfall - This site covers Reading, Phonics, and Math.

  Fun Brain -This site covers Reading and Math. 

  RAZ Kids - Reading and Comprehension practice. (Student MUST sign-in to access) 
















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